Manage Yourself: A Developing Rock Band's Guide to Self Management

Many developing artists feel that they need a manager, when they don't! They sign management contracts, ranging from the most one-sided contracts favoring the manager, to the most meaningless contracts, and everything in between. They forfeit 15-20% (on the average) of their GROSS earnings to someone else. Does it ever make sense for an artist to have a manager? Well of course! There does get to a point in an artist's career when it is prudent to have a manager.

The Point in an Artist's Career When it Is
Prudent to Have a Professional Artist Manager
Is Called the Artist Tipping Point.

Before that point, you don't need a third-party music manager. Everything a personal manager can do for you in the early stages of your career, you can do, too. In MANAGE YOURSELF: A DEVELOPING ROCK BAND'S GUIDE TO SELF MANAGEMENT, artist manager, music lawyer and musician, J.B. Brocato, teaches you exactly how to do just that. You learn how to take control of the direction of your own career in the music industry and start moving efficiently in the direction of your musical dreams.

Learn how to manage yourself and save 15-20% of your hard-earned money by not having to hire a professional manager.

Your dreams in this business
are too important not to know the all-important ideas, insights and plan of action set forth in MANAGE YOURSELF.



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Let J.B. show you how to tap into your ability to steer the course of your own music career WITHOUT A MANAGER! Go confidently in the direction of your musical ambitions and CREATE VALUE in the marketplace that will be attractive to record labels, booking agents, and other critical industry executives.



J.B. Brocato is the Founder & CEO of Intense Artist Management, a full-service music management company. He is also a music lawyer and has been a musician since the age of five.


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"After reading Manage Yourself, I only wish I had this guide when I was starting my musical journey. It's all there: quantifiable parameters of how to achieve success in the music biz. As blueprints for self-management go, this is as good as it gets."

Jim Peterik
Songwriter and Musician
Co-writer of the Grammy® Award- winning song, "Eye of the Tiger"

"Every aspiring and developing artist deserves a gift like Manage Yourself. J.B.'s "Doses of Reality" will get bands to realize that there is a tremendous difference between good and great. Any band can get their friends out for a good drink special, but this book will help them see if the indicators for success exist and keep them focused on what's most important--the music. And even if the music is great and everything is there, and the story real, this business can still pass you by. Manage Yourself should be mandatory reading for all young artists and bands, before they get ahead of themselves."

David McGilvray
VP, Rock Promotion
Island Def Jam Music Group

Download your Free copy of The Road to the Artist Tipping Point
Download your Free copy of The Road to the Artist Tipping Point

"Manage Yourself is a must-read book for developing rockers who want an "edge" in this business. J.B. provides artists with the insight and tools necessary to take control of their own careers and maximize their chances for success. Buy this book now and take your career to the next level!"

Kelly Keagy
Drummer and Vocalist
Night Ranger

"As an A&R executive, I wish I could have recommended this book years ago to so many great bands who needed that one action plan to get them focused on the right track in this business. I've seen many bands spin their wheels going down inefficient tracks, and never getting to the point where they are attractive enough to a label. Developing musicians should read Manage Yourself to insure they get on the right track as soon as possible."

Michael Howe
A&R, Downtown Records

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"The Artist Tipping Point described in this book is a wake-up call to musicians. If a developing band has never fully understood why the record label isn't interested, or why they can't get a booking agent, or why they can't seem to "get off the ground," then they have to read this book. Understanding the Artist Tipping Point will demystify the limitations encountered in the music industry by up-and-coming rockers."

Hab Haddad
KISS Digital Media Manager & CEO, HabCo Media

"Great book! I will be recommending it to every artist I deal with. J.B.'s insights on the music industry and strategic action plan arm developing rock artists with everything they need to manage their own careers efficiently and effectively."

Eric Greedy
Major Label Record Producer (Hurt, Capitol Records)